Nanuk International Ltd. is an established leader in the manufacturing of frozen and chilled chicken products, cooked pork cuts and a wide variety of preparations from poultry and pork. The company is located in Bulgaria in the village of Kolarovo, Stara Zagora region.

Established in 2000, the company’s initial activity was the production of frozen chicken products. Since then the company has considerably increased its capacity, both in existing as well as in newly developped products such as cooked, ready-made chicken products and also in pork and chilled natural cuts. From the very beginning and until today, the strategy was and is to extend technological capacity to stay up-to-date in meeting with continuously growing market demands. This is achieved by means of continuous investments.

Through new and modern high-tech equipment and by applying uncompromising control and hygiene standards in accordance with the HACCP requirements, the raw material is processed with extreme caution to convert it into a high quality product.

The company has extensive manufacturing facilities including modern air-conditioned rooms, designed to ensure the independence of the process streams; thirteen cold rooms providing the necessary conditions for the ideal storage of the raw materials up to the finished products; systems for continuous electronic temperature monitoring; modern technological equipment from leading Bulgarian and European manufacturers such as: “SCHRODER”, “MULTIVAC”, “HANDTMANN”, “ULMA”, “BIZERBA” and others.

The production process is managed by a team of highly skilled professionals. This process takes place in accordance with the GMP and HACCP requirements.

There are three independent production flows:

  • Production of meat preparations and cuts, and semi-finished poultry products
  • Production of cooked pork products
  • Production of cooked chicken products

Proper production, quality control and product safety is assured through planned internal audits, audits by third parties, as well as continuous training of all staff in particular on hygiene and food safety.

Nanuk International Ltd receives chilled raw material from Bulgarian and European regulated slaughter plants no later than 24 hours after slaughter.

Thanks to the integrity demonstrated over the years, the company has built a network of reliable high quality suppliers for controlled raw materials. The production process guarantees full traceability from the reception of the raw materials through the various stages of production until the finished product up to storage and dispatch.

The high quality and product safety is monitored by accredited laboratories in full compliance with applicable Bulgarian and European legislation. Nanuk International Ltd has a BG registration number and has all the necessary export licenses.

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Nanuk International LTD
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